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As a Mom, our time is sacred. It is very important to manage our time well and to make sure that everything we do is in order or else, chaos may ensue. I kind of gotten the idea of how much routine is helpful to us even before I became a Mom. It was probably the hours of research through blogs and Youtube. I did’t get how important it would be until my baby was born. Boy, i was so surprised and overwhelmed! Good thing I made plans already!

As my baby grew older, I had a little more time to myself however, if you’re a Mom reading this you know how clingy they can be. LOL. I love my baby but i know how taking care of myself is equally as important too so I vowed to give myself some “me time” even if it means a few minutes of just doing my skincare routine and prepping myself for the day. I’m lucky that my husband supported this so whenever my toddler disrupts my “me time”, he’ll call out to get his attention.

Now that I pretty much have the routine, I decided to share it with you guys knowing (and hoping) that it might help some busy bees out there. Yup, not just Moms but everyone who wants to learn more on getting that makeup done as fast as you can.

My toddler and I usually wakes up at the same time. I know, i know. I should wake up earlier than him but hey, I’m not perfect and I’m perfectly fine with that. Get it? Perfect-perfectly? LOL. Anyway, we usually go straight to the bathroom to brush our teeth and while he continue brushes his (because he takes longer duh toddler lol) that’s when I do my skincare routine. Once we are done in the bathroom, I go make him breakfast while he plays. I then serve him his breakfast and that’s when I start my makeup.

So for everyone who wants to know, here’s my 10 minute makeup routine:


    1. LIP BALM. Before putting anything else, I make sure I put on lip balm to moisturize my lips. I suffer from cracked lips regardless of the season so it’s very important for me to do so. I use this Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Flavor or this Vaseline Lip Tin Pink Bubbly. Putting on some lip moisturizer also helps with having a great base for your lip products later.


2. CC CREAM. I usually use this It Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ for everyday consumption because most of the time, I don’t even have to use the concealer as it is already “color correcting”. I also love that it comes with SPF 50 so it also protects me from the sun’s harmful effects. I usually just use my fingers to dab and spread the cream all over my face.


3. CONCEALER. I barely use concealer for daily use. However, if I do its usually because my dark undereyes need more correcting. Well, you know you’re a busy person when those eyebags just get darker and darker, amirite? Haha. I use the ColourPop No Filter Matte Concealer.


4. COMPACT POWDER. To set my CC cream and concealer, I use my all time everyday powder favorite, Chanel #40 Dore Poudre Universelle Compacte Powder. It’s very important to set any liquid type of makeup or else you’ll end up having a weird ombre looking face by the end of the day!


5. CONTOUR. For daily make-up routines, I do believe that contouring is on another level. But I want to look defined and thin so I do it anyway. Haha. I just use my trusty ELF Cosmetics Bronzer and Blush Duo for this step.

6. EYE MAKEUP. I have embroidered brows so I don’t really have to put something on them but I sometimes use this simple eyebrow pencil from FACE SHOP that has an angled tip. I just follow the shape of my brows for that natural effect. After that, if I want more defined eyes, I use that same bronzer in the ELF Cosmetics Duo Pallette and put it in my eye’s outer V.


7. BLUSH. I like putting on blush that makes me look like I have sun kissed skin. It’s probably the anime loving side of me but when I saw Nadine Lustre’s photo, i just wanted to look as fresh as her. All I do is run over the brush across my face, over the nose a few times for that youthful glow. My everyday favorite would be Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso.


8. LIPSTICK. For everyday makeup, I don’t usually use lip liners. However, I do believe that a defined cupid’s bow (the double curve of a human upper lip) makes your lips look more plump and just gorgeously fuller. I tend to go for nude lip colors for everyday use and my current favorite is this Loreal Paris Colour Riche Original Satin Lipstick in Sugar Plum.

Yup, just 8 simple steps and you’re done! It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic as everyday makeup should be simple and easy. Just like breakfast.

If you want to see the video version of my everyday makeup routine, you can check it HERE.

Doing your makeup everyday also helps with making yourself feel more productive. It’s like making the bed and arranging your bedroom after you wake up, it makes you feel more awake and thus removing that feeling of laziness.

So to all my busy bee people out there, not having enough time is never an excuse. We just need to manage our time well, insert that little “me time” of yours somewhere in your morning routine and you can make yourself feel more pretty and more YOU everyday.


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