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Dollar Tree: Shop With Me plus Mini Haul

Dollar Stores have always been a great place to find cheap products for arts and crafts, school supplies, gift bags/tags, cleaning supplies, organizational baskets and bins, beauty products and of course kitchen items. The quantity might be of great question though but you can actually find some BRANDED products there too.

Aside from buying my gift bags, tags and cards there (because I will never pay more than a dollar for a gift bag duh lol), Dollar Tree is also my go-to store for buying Kleenex. It’s just that if I buy Kleenex or any other branded facial tissue in usual stores like Walmart, Target or Costco, I would have to buy it in bulk. And NO, I refuse to buy something that will take me years before we can finish or use, especially if I am trying to stick with a budget.

Anyway, here’s the video for my Dollar Tree shop with me and my mini haul.


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