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Sustainable Fashion: Ukay With Me!

I love thrift shopping. It has always been a practice of mine to do it at least twice a month while I was still living in the Philippines. I would go to different “ukay ukayan” in our city, scouring for fashionable pieces so I could post something new again on my blog. My Dad hated when I did that, telling me what if people died wearing those things, but I never really listened. LOL

It really amazes me how most people here in the US can literally just let go of clothes easily. For some people, spring cleaning means throwing or donating everything they have inside their closet and buy new stuff again. And others do that yearly. Just imagine how much clothes, shoes and accessories would that be. And i mean BARELY USED sometimes UNUSED clothes, shoes and accessories.

I guess its the Asian in me. Or the Filipino in me. Maybe we are all born natural hoarders. I know my Grandmother and Mom are. Hahaha!

“Sustainable Fashion” wasn’t even a big thing yet when I started blogging in 2010. Maybe it was just starting and maybe some people were doing it already to save the planet but it wasn’t a “thing”. It’s good to know that my love for treasure hunting (that’s what I call whenever I go thrift shopping) actually helps Mother Earth.

Anyway, here’s another video sharing my thrift shopping experience and the “treasures” that I got:


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