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My Birthing Story

It’s 9:55 pm and I am currently pumping breastmilk for my baby as I type what I would call, one of the most painful, scary but all the more beautiful story of my existence.

It was not an ordinary day for me. I went to the hospital as I have been having irregular contractions for 3 days. The husband was not with me but my supportive in-laws were so I was fine. The nurse took my blood pressure and was shocked to find that it read 150/100 so she took it again but the results were the same.

“I ran here so I don’t miss my appointment. Maybe that’s why it’s high”

“Oh, okay” She didn’t believe me, I could tell. She actually looked really concerned.

When the doctor arrived and checked up on me, she told me I was still 3cm dilated. There were no progress since we found out I was dilating 3 days ago during my regular check-up with my OB. I told her my contractions were still irregular but she explained that she won’t let me go home as my blood pressure was too high.

I was surprised and scared when they asked me not to go home anymore. I didn’t bring anything with me. Just my insurance card and birth plan. That’s it. I told my mother-in-law that I would be staying and that I will inform my husband whatever the Labor and Delivery (L&D) people will tell me. I was so scared but I didn’t want her to worry so I tried to hide it. But I know she can tell when she hugged me after dropping me off in the L&D department.

When the Midwife saw me in the L&D, she immediately told me that I will be induced soon. Just. Like. That. The nurse then proceeded to ask all the necessary questions including if I want to get the epidural anesthesia soon.

“I want to go natural cause there’s no epidural thing in our place in the Philippines”, I told her.

“Well honey, you’re not in the Philippines anymore”, she answered.

After that I was more than determined to give birth without any medication.

Well, I was wrong. LOL

My contractions started to become more intense and regular an hour after being admitted in the L&D. I was still alone then so I cried a little bit but I thought to myself, “This is nothing. I can do this”. I really thought I could because I also thought they already started the medication for induction of labor. Again, I was wrong. Haha!

Husband arrived a few hours after that and then they gave me the medication. That’s when things got worse. My blood pressure remained high so they wont let me out of bed and the nurses and midwives kept suggesting that I get the epidural because the high blood pressure might be because of the pain. I still didn’t give in.

It was already night time and the pain just kept getting worse. I was still stuck on 3cm and my blood pressure was still high. That’s when the nurse called the resident OB and I overheard that they will be prepping the Operating Room for a Cesarian Section soon if my blood pressure won’t go back to normal.

One of the major reasons why I wasn’t planning on getting an epidural was because I am scared of getting pricked in my spinal cord. But if there’s one thing scarier than that, it would be feeling everything during an operation despite of getting an anesthesia and I can’t tell anyone about it because I’m out. And mind you, I graduated BS Nursing in college. Hahaha!

After hearing what the nurse said, I told my husband to call the nurse and that I changed my mind so I am ready to get the epidural. The nurse was so happy with my decision. And they were more happy when after I got the medication, my blood pressure finally went down. Although, epidural anesthesia is known to lower down the blood pressure.

The process of getting the anesthesia itself was more memorable. I was hugging the nurse while the doctor was inserting the needle and every time I get a contraction, I would hug her more tightly and I could feel her cringe. It was so funny ’cause I was shouting that I was getting a contraction and at the same time telling the doctor that I am not feeling the needle at the center of the spine.

But anyways. a tleast I was able to get some rest after that. For like two hours. Cause when they checked me again, I was already fully dilated. Haha!

It was an hour of pushing before my baby was born. But I was just so glad labor is done and that the baby was healthy. Also, when they tell you that you won’t feel anything down there once the baby is born because you will be too busy with the baby, they were wrong. I could feel the needle and whatever it was the Midwife was doing down there. My baby cant distract me so I had to tell her that I could feel her sewing my skin back. LOL

Although labor was such a painful yet rewarding experience, it has nothing on what you will experience next. The exhaustion and love, the frustration and happiness. I have never felt more contented in my life when my baby was born. For the first time, I felt complete.

Motherhood is such a weird experience for me. And I can’t wait to share more of it here.


Meet Aki. Born 6.11 lbs and 21 inches tall.



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