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Baby Freebies: The Honest Company

I am back with more freebie stuff for you soon-to-be Mommas out there! And if you’re not preggo and just wants to check out my blog, you are still very much welcome here!

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The last entry of my blog was about getting free stuff from Enfamil. Now let’s move on to another essential for babies, diapers! Who doesn’t want free diapers, amirite? According to research, an average baby uses 2,700 diapers in the first year alone. That’s right, almost THREE THOUSAND DIAPERS IN ONE YEAR! Not even a thousand. That’s how much diapers you will be using for your newborn. Imagine multiplying that with the average price of $.20 per diaper. You need $540 a year for diapers alone! What about formula? Wipes? Bottles? Clothes?

Having a baby is expensive. Whether you’re from the US or the Philippines or any part of the world. I bet even aliens spend so much for their children. This is why getting free stuff especially diapers can be really helpful. It’s also a good way to test products whether your baby is allergic to them or not.

The Honest Company is an organization aimed at delivering quality, eco-friendly, natural baby products. They are very big here in the US, probably because it’s founder is the famous Jessica Alba. This company actually put Jessica Alba on Forbes magazine. Yup, not in the entertainment tabloids but in Forbes. She made millions because of this company. I mean, who wouldn’t? Woman empowerment plus environment-friendly products equals a billion dollar company, everyone will truly support that!

I was googling about free baby samples when I came across The Honest Company. I checked their website and the first thing that popped was them asking for me to sign up with their site. It’s not something you have to do as you can still browse their website without signing up. But peeps, once you get to that sign up page, DO IT!

Once you’ve signed up with them, you will get invites in your email to have a free trial bundle with them. The only thing you’ll be paying is a $5 shipping fee. Yup. Five dollars for a box of free stuff. That easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Sign up with them
  2. Get an invite for a free trial bundle
  3. Click the link and follow the instructions
  4. Pay the shipping fee (I only paid $5)
  5. Get the trial bundle in a week!

Here is a link for you so you can sign up with them —–

But here’s the catch, once you signed up with them and their free trial, they will automatically subscribe you to get a bundle every month. The trick here is once you receive your trial bundle, UNSUBSCRIBE immediately. It’s very easy because you can just do that in your account settings page. Or if you are that worried and cannot find the unsubscribe button (which I highly doubt), you can call to unsubscribe at 1-310-857-3020 or 1-888-862-8818, Mondays to Fridays from 5am to 5pm PST. Unless of course, you really want to buy their bundles. It is your decision to make. They wont be expecting you to buy anything from them even though you subscribed for a free trial.

Anyway, here are the samples that were inside my Honest Trial Bundle:


The trial bundles includes:

  1. 7-10 Newborn Diapers (They will let you choose the prints!)
  2. Personal Care and Home Cleaning Samples
  3. Wipes

I already used the multi-surface cleaner to clean the furniture for baby stuff and loved it! I bought a big bottle of it when I saw one n TJ Maxx that was 70% off!

Anywho, I really hope this post can help you mamas out there especially the ones who want to be frugal like me. I will be posting more freebies and baby/mama stuff soon! So remember to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates!

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Thank you so much! Until next time!


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