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I am now a Missus

So I got married!

Yes people, in a very unexpected turn of events, my boyfriend (now husband) asked me to stay in the US for good even though I was only planning to stay for a month. It was really so sudden and because I was getting pretty tired of the whole LDR thing, I said yes and last September 2016 we got married.

We only had less than two months to prepare and one of the things that I dreaded doing was telling my parents. LOL. I told my folks that I was only visiting my fiance for about a month as I needed to unwind after Kitkat’s horrible death. Yes, that is another thing that happened to me last year. Kitkat died a few weeks before I flew to the States and I was devastated. As you all know Kitkat has been my life for the past 5 years and I have considered her already like my own baby so loosing her was really heartbreaking to me and even to my family.

Anyway, I called my parents to tell them I wasn’t going home anytime soon as we have decided to get married instead. Of course they were really furious at first. I don’t blame them as I didn’t really prepare them from our decision. It’s also kind of hard since I am an only child. I remember crying for days to my Mom just so she can help me convince my Dad to come to our wedding. Luckily, they did change their mind and came to the US to attend the ceremony.


Our wedding was just a simple ceremony and dinner at Wine & Roses in Lodi, California. It was one of the most beautiful wineries near our place so we decided to hold the event there. We had only about 20 people composed of family and close friends as our guests but we’ve always wanted an intimate wedding so it turned out excellent. ❤



The wedding was a very intimate affair and for me, it made it even more special. I bought my dress online while my husband bought his tux at the mall. We bought flowers at Raley’s and I arranged it to be my bridal bouquet. My husband’s sister made our wedding favors (thank you so much Jamie!) while I borrowed my other sister-in-law’s fake flowers and vases from the dollar store (thank you Ate Che!) and used it as our centerpieces. Yup, that’s how simple our event was.



14352254_10206616963856971_4506209799322217417_oWe also asked Wine & Roses to not slice our dessert yet and have it designed in an all white icing so we can have a sort of cake cutting ceremony. Genius isn’t it? Haha. By the way, the white cake that we had has a strawberry basil filling and vanilla buttercream AND IT WAS AMAZING. Their house wine was also delicious. Their staff were approachable and really helpful. So to all couples of North California out there who are planning to have a simple but elegant wedding, I suggest to check out Wine & Roses in Lodi and look for Charina (Sales Manager) or Julie (Event Specialist). It’s like having a garden wedding in Napa but not as expensive. 😀


Overall I can say that my wedding in the US was near perfect. The only thing lacking was our close friends from the Philippines. But we were still lucky that one of our friend was there to film it live for our HS friends back home. Mark, if you are reading this, salamat kaayo!


My husband and I have been together for more than ten years before we got married and for the past 7 months of marriage, I can say that the only difference really is that his last name is now attached to mine. I still feel giddy around him and he still tells me how much he loves me everyday. For me, that’s the only thing that I have always wanted and I hope that won’t ever change.


P.S. More secrets and stories to reveal soon! Stay tuned 😀

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