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7-day Vacay: San Diego + Universal Studios

One of the reasons why we visited LA was to meet up with some friends. A friend of ours was staying in LA while another one lived in San Diego. So without much preparation or any plans, we fetched our friend in LA and drove all the way to San Diego so we can meet with another friend there.

Initially, our plan was just to get lunch and roam around San Diego. We ended up going to Las Americas Premium Outlet. On our way there, we almost missed our exit! We could have drove all the way to Mexico if only all of us have valid visas. LOL



Yes people, that’s what the border between the US and Mexico in San Diego looks like. If only I took a picture while we were driving down the Outlets so you can see what Mexico looks like. But believe it or not, that the only thing dividing the two countries.

After going around the Nike store (that’s the only place we usually visit when I’m with the boys LOL) for like an hour, we decided to check out San Diego’s Coronado Beach.






Coronado Beach was really nice. I found the water much bearable than the one in Santa Cruz BoardwalkIt wasn’t as cold and the place is much cleaner too. However, as biased as this sounds, Philippine beaches are still the best! HANDS DOWN!

After spending a day in San Diego, we spent a day in Universal Studios Hollywood. It was one of the best theme park experience I ever had.



The top three must-experience rides/attraction I would recommend in this theme park are:

  • The Transformers Ride
  • The Waterworld Show
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (DUUUUHH?!)

I am not going to explain any further as to why I am recommending them because YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE IT. I already tried the Transformers Ride and saw the Waterworld Show when I visited Universal Studios Singapore but having to experience it again with friends, it’s just more awesome! And when we reached the Harry Potter themed area, let’s just say that part of me wanted to cry. LOL

TIP: Food and beverage in this theme park are very expensive. What we did was we bought a huge cup, kept it and just refill it whenever we see refilling stations. They’re everywhere so you won’t suffer from dehydration and you get to save money! Unlimited iced tea for a day!

Also, I’d like to recommend doing the Studio Tour last. Like to cap off your day at Universal Hollywood especially if you go in the Summer where the weather is too hot. It’s really fun to see and experience how they create their movies.

Universal Studios was not even the end of our 7-day jam packed vacation. We actually did some more sight seeings and food trips. And for that, it deserves a separate post.


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