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7-day Vacay: Los Angeles

After spending 2 nights in Nevada, we drove back to Southern California to meet some friends and family. After driving for more than an hour, we stopped over at Baker, California so we can visit some aliens.


We met some cool aliens and chatted with them about their weird hot sauces. We also bought some fresh alien jerky to help us enjoy our roadtrip more. The Honey Teriyaki flavored jerky is my fave! You gotta buy those when you happen to drop by here.


We arrived in Los Angeles around 7pm already due to traffic (Yes, kababayans, there’s traffic in America LOL). We ate dinner before touring the University of California, Los Angeles aka UCLA.


Yes ,  you guys, this is a school. A REALLY BIG ONE. It’s actually a state university in California. UCLA ranked 15th in the world according to Center for World University Rankings last year. That’s how prestigious this school is. BTW, the fiance’s sister studies here 😀


The famous Royce Hall, one of the original buildings in UCLA, is a known landmark of the University. They say that the building was built with 52 imperfections (yes the twin towers look weird, your OCD is right) but only 51 has been discovered. Can you spot all the “imperfections”?


UCLA student-athletes compete as the Bruins. The Bruins have won 126 national championships, including 113 NCAA team championships, more than any other university. This school is not all about research and academics.


This is not the end of our Los Angeles experience. I’ll be posting about our Universal Studios visit and our drive to San Diego where we almost reached Mexico. That’s right. There’s still more and I can’t wait to share everything with you!


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