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7-day Vacay: Las Vegas

About two weeks ago, the fiance and I went on a vacation, which turned out to be one of our most unforgettable road trips ever. Our first stop was Las Vegas, Nevada.

We started our 10-hour drive from Stockton around midnight after his work. It was my second time to drive in the freeway but my first time to drive in the freeway AT NIGHT and it was scary as hell! LOL. It was terrifying to drive a small car on a dusty and windy night plus the 75mph traffic didn’t help at all (I know I’m a pussy). I had to stop after 2 hours of driving  because I was also starting to get sleepy.

After sleeping for about an hour at a rest stop, we continued our drive. It was already sunrise when we decided to take a nap again at a rest stop near the Mojave Desert. We were finally energized after sleeping for three hours when suddenly… our car won’t start. Imagine getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, where there are no houses or business establishments for miles around you. That’s some The Hills Have Eyes sh*t right there. Lucky for us there was a Good Samaritan working in the rest stop that helped us. Americans are probably the friendliest I’ve encountered in my years of travelling.

We arrived at MGM Grand Hotel around lunch time. We slept again so we’ll have the energy to walk around the Las Vegas strip that night. Before going out, we watched our first Cirque du Soleil show, Ka and IT WAS FANTASTIC! From the stage to the production, costumes and of course the acts, IT WAS REALLY AMAZING! It’s a family affair that everyone would definitely enjoy.


Whenever we travel, we love trying out must-eat-places. So we walked the strip until we reached Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr located at Planet Hollywood. I am not surprised that their burgers were incredible. I mean, hello, it’s Gordon Ramsay. I was actually shocked that their burgers cost around 10-20$. A mid-range price for a Gordon Ramsay restaurant?! IT IS DEFINITELY A MUST TRY!


We roamed around the strip more after eating. It is really true that it’s more alive at night than in the morning. You can see random people showcasing their talents on the street, drunk friends laughing while talking about their experience at the strip club, and of course the all-too-sweet couples being inappropriate. LOL


The next day we ate breakfast at the Hard Rock Cafe beside our hotel. It was both our first time and it actually was a pleasant experience. The food was also great and the vibe is very nice.


After breakfast, we went to Lake Mead to enjoy some time in the water. Lake Mead is a famous place where people can rent jetskis to go to Hoover Dam. Yes you guys, I basically reached Arizona too. LOL


We weren’t able to take photos when we reached Hoover Dam but you can check out the video compilation I made —

For our second night, we opted for Asian food. Chin Chin Cafe offers great food despite of it’s less than 4-stars rating in Yelp. I guess the only not-so-good thing about them is their service. I mean, it wasn’t bad but they’re not as fast as how other restaurants would respond to their customers.


We spent our last night in Vegas watching our second Cirque show, Zumanity. That show was unexpectedly awesome! It was rather intimate as the stage was a lot smaller and they also interact with the audience plus it was an erotic show. Hihihi! At first we thought it was just a really fun Burlesque show but then the acrobatics starts and suddenly it slaps you right in the face as if reminding you that THIS IS CIRQUE DU SOLEIL B*TCH! LOL.


Before we left Vegas, we dropped by Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace for another mouth-watering adventure. Again, you already know the food is incredible so the surprising factor is the price range! Iron Chef Bobby Flay’s burgers for less than 15$?! I know right?!


TIP: People ask me how I score cheap flights and hotels (Our MGM stay was less than 90$ per night). My secret is simple. You should book using an incognito/private browsing window, preferably on a late night Tuesday. Prices tend to go higher when sites have access to your cookies and history. 😀

Las Vegas is famously known as the Sin City. From unhealthy but incredibly delicious food to naughty maybe even illegal things, everything’s readily available there. And we all know that something enjoyably sinful can be hard to resist. I am definitely going back in Vegas!


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