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Back in San Fran

Surprise, surprise! I am back in the US!

Two weeks ago, I decided to surprise the boyfriend and come to America a day earlier than expected. Let’s just say it didn’t really go the way i wanted it but he was still surprised so I guess mission accomplished. LOL.

We went to SF the following day to shop, explore and eat at Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse. Espetus is a must try place for meat lovers like us! I mean, nonstop all-you-can-eat meat?! Who wouldn’t love that?!

This was my 3rd time in SF already so we decided to visit other places we haven’t been to already. Below are some photos we took while driving and walking around Market St. and Embarcadero.


The main reason we went to visit SF again was to tour Alcatraz Island. If you don’t already know, Alcatraz Island is a small island in San Francisco bay that served as a military prison during the 1800 before it was used as a federal prison from 1930s-1960s. It also served as a home for Native Americans in the 1970s.


Alcatraz was a great experience. I mean, just the whole idea of an island as a prison surrounded by icy cold water with possible dangerous sea creatures is amazing! The place was rich with stories plus I loved the creepy vibe. Haha! Definitely worth visiting!

If you guys want to check it out, make sure to book it three weeks to a month prior your planned visit. You can visit their website and make a reservation there. When we went for the tour two weeks ago (that was June 28) the next available tours are already dated in August! On the spot booking is not an option so make sure to plan ahead!

Tip: San Francisco is ALWAYS cold. There’s no such thing as Summer there so always bring a jacket! I had to buy a scarf when we arrived at Alcatraz because even though the sun was blazing hot, the wind was OMG COLD. LOL!

There’s still so much to see in SF. I haven’t even been to the Palace of Fine Arts yet. Maybe next time I’ll do an OTWOL inpired tour. Hahaha!


Till next time, San Francisco!


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