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25 before 26

I will be celebrating my 26th tomorrow and before I “commemorate” my entrance to the late twenties, I’d like to share to you the 25 awesome things that happened to me during my almost 26 years of existence as I bid my farewell to my quarter life crisis. Think of it as a tribute to the first quarter of my life. These are experiences that made me laugh, cry and scared. Unforgettable things that helped me become who i am today.

25. College graduation

My Dad and I after Graduation, March 2010

Graduating from college marked the “end” of my academic days. Even though I wasn’t really into my degree, it helped me discover what friendship really means. The experiences I had, mostly outside of the classroom, will forever be cherished. Also, I put quotation marks on the word end because my academic and learning experience didn’t conclude there. Nevertheless, college molded me into a stronger person today.

24. Camiguin

Me and the bestfriend after finishing the Walkway to the Old Volcano, October 2010

I’ve been to Camiguin for like 3 times already. However, this particular trip last October 2010 was the most memorable one since I was able to reach the peak of the Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross. It’s a famous pilgrimage site for devout Catholics. I am not a religious person but arriving at the top and watching the scenic view, I can’t help but say a prayer and be thankful for the experience.

23. Styling gigs


I didn’t know how rewarding it is to be the one behind the camera. Yes, the people in front of it may get all the praises most of the time but without the people behind the camera, the models looking amazing won’t be possible. I started out doing styling gigs after I met a photographer friend. We did it because we enjoyed it. There was no money involved, only talent. And it’s one creative experience i will treasure forever. If I can’t work in business side of fashion, I’d want to be in the creative side of it.

22. Online jobs


After graduating in college, I didn’t want to be a bum but at the same time I didn’t want to work full time yet. LOL. One of the things that I did then was work online. I started out writing articles before I became a social media analyst for Brandtology. Around late of 2011 I had to quit due to my migraine and concentrated on our family business instead, but I continued on writing articles on the side. I did that so I can afford my online shopping addiction πŸ˜€ Last year when I stayed in the States for 3 months, I went back working online full time and this time with Tate & Tonic, an online styling service based in Singapore. I actually did remote styling for other companies too. I quit after going back here in the Philippines due to the demand from our family business. I have not gone back to working online again, I actually miss it.

21. Credit Cards

Because I travel often (char), I needed credit cards. The process of getting one is unforgettable. The requirements and the constant calling of the bank was frustrating! It was totally worth it though because now I can shop more! HAHAHA. Having a credit card taught me the importance of budgeting. It also made me realize that I am now an adult and is now responsible of my finances.

20. Kidney disease

Last 2012, I found out about my Left Hypoplastic Kidney and because of that I learned how to value my health. Sort of. πŸ˜›

19. KCC days

Junior Buyers (incomplete) in Mt. Sabrina

The months that I spent working in KCC as a Junior Buyer was one of the best time of my life. I applied for a different position but for some miracle, I was given the break to work in the merchandising department instead. Because of that, I found the field in fashion that I know I could do well. If i am given the chance to work in fashion retail, I would grab that opportunity immediately.

18. Singapore

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, September 2014

If I can choose where to live for free, I’d choose Singapore in a heart beat. The food, shopping, security…it’s a millionaire’s haven. It was there where I learned that small countries can progress to become one of the richest and safest in the world. You know what they say, small but terrible.

17. My best friend’s wedding

Cyndale and Kenett’s wedding, May 2015

Oh, that wedding! Whenever I look back at that moment in my life, I can’t help but be amazed at myself for being able to arrange this wedding in such a short time. This wedding made me realize that one can do anything for love. And that weddings are expensive. HAHA.

16. US visa


What happens when you miss someone too much? You’d do anything to be with that person. Never mind the frustrations brought about by countless requirements and the stress from preparing an interview that would only last for about 10 minutes even though you waited for that said interview for half a day. In the end, it was worth it. We were granted multiple entries. SUPER WORTH IT!

15. US immigration

Oh my, my TSA! I cannot! My first time meeting the US immigration is definitely something I would remember for the rest of my life. If there’s something that I have learned from that experience, it’s that you have to be prepared and to look hot and rich. ALWAYS.

14. San Francisco

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, December 2014

San Francisco is a crowded city but I chose this over LA because I felt that this place has lots of stories to tell. I can’t really explain but there’s something about San Francisco that talks to you. Whenever you are in SF, it feels like it challenges you to experience it, to add more stories to the cold city. I also have sort of an attachment to this place because of Antoinette Jadaone’s teleserye, On The Wings of Love which probably is my favorite Filipino TV show to date.

13. Snow experience

Bear Valley Ski Resort, January 2015

Who wouldn’t want to touch snow? It was amazing until it’s not. I mean it’s fun to play in it but maaaaan it’s so cold! I thought my toes would detach from my feet. But something to experience, nevertheless.

12. Ningbo, China

Ningbo in China, June 2014

The China transaction, as what I would usually call it, is probably the biggest contribution I did for our family business. I was able to arrange everything so we could start our importation from China, one thing that my Dad always wanted to do. It was there in Ningbo, China where that dream came to life.

More about Ningbo here.

11. Reno, Nevada

Reno, Nevada last August 2015

Thanks to the mini Vegas that is Reno, I was able to play the slot machines in the Casino for the very first time. And guess what, we won about $300 from playing! Who wouldn’t forget that?

10. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China, June 2014

Seeing and walking the Great Wall of China felt surreal. Imagine, this place can be seen from outer space and I was able to go there?! While walking and taking in the scenery around you, you can feel the history, how for a thousands of years that wall protected China. It was a humbling and a learning experience indeed.

More about China here.

9. Chicago

The Bean in Chicago, June 2015

I’ve always wanted to travel alone but I didn’t expect that I would be able to do that in the US. I went to Chicago for business but I acquired more knowledge than what I was supposed to. I learned how to be independent and to love myself more. I learned that at the end of the day, it will be just you, no one else and that is okay.

More about my Chicago travel here.

8. Hong Kong with my best friend

Hong Kong Disneyland, January 2014

Cyndale and I have been friends for more than 5 years when this happened. As much as I want to travel with friends, I am also very hesitant because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from traveling it’s that it’s hard to find a travel buddy that you are compatible with. My parents and I travel alot but we are not travel compatible AT ALL. However, during my HK experience with Cyndale, we found each others’ travel buddies. Hopefully, we can still travel soon. πŸ˜€

More about my HK experience with the bestfriend here.

7. That time when I sad fudge it and go

Stockton in California, December 2014

“The most courageous act a person can do is an act of love” Chos! – Mylz Romero, 2014

More about this here.

6. Ilocos experience

Ilocos Sand Dunes, February 2016 (will blog soon)

IT IS MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES INDEED! If you haven’t been to Ilocos (Vigan, Laoag and Pagudpud) then you are definitely missing out on so many things! Their empanada, strong belief in clean energy and the sand dunes are few of the things you need to check out. My Ilocos experience made me promise myself to visit more PH places.

5. Bay Area adventure

17 Mile Drive, July 2015

The breathtaking view seen while driving along 17 Mile Drive is definitely one for the books! You can’t help but feel #blessed #thankful for experiencing it. If only you can swim in the oh so cold water.

More about my Bay Area adventure here.

4. Sinulog


SINULOG shagit ug kusog! When my friends and I went to Sinulog last January, we understood why it was called Mother of all Festivals. THE EXPERIENCE WAS AMAZING! Everyone was in party mood for the whole day until dawn. I even drank with unknown people in a sidewalk. Only in Sinulog!

3. Our engagement


I’ve been together with my boyfriend for 10 years and I know we’re going to be together for the rest of our lives but the day he proposed (on our tenth anniv!) proved that he wanted the same thing. πŸ˜€

2. Prom 2006

JS Prom last February 24, 2006

I was one of those geeky looking girls back in high school, wondering when will I ever have a love life and stop being the thirdwheel. All of those things were answered during my Senior Prom. Someone confessed his feelings for me while we were slow dancing. I still remember the date, that’s how unforgettable the experience was. πŸ˜›

1.Being a crazy cat lady

Merrel and Kitkat

My cats deserve the top spot because they are always there whenever I feel lonely, anxious and generally depressed. They give me happiness through their head bumps and calm me with their purrs. People like to make fun of me for being a crazy cat lady and that’s why I choose cats over people. Cats can be assholes but atleast they don’t talk. LOL

I have so many other experiences I’d want to share but these are the top 25…for now. I know I’ll have more journeys to go through in the future. And honestly, I can’t wait!

Advance happy 26th to me!


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