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Bay Area Adventure: Day 2

We spent our first day of our Bay Area Adventure in Santa Cruz and Carmel by the Sea. For our second day, we spent driving along the scenic road of the 17 Mile Drive.

Important Note: There is an entrance fee of 10 USD when going through the 17 Mile Drive.

First stop was the Pebble Beach. One of the things that I have observed when we stopped over were people in golf outfits. Well, Pebble Beach is a famous spot for golf enthusiasts after all. And if that’s not enough of a sign that people who go and stay there are rich, there’s a big Rolex clock just outside of the Lodge. LOL

Here are some pictures we took as we drove along (and did mini stops of course) 17 Mile Drive:


The Lodge at Pebble Beach is a historic hotel with an oceanside view. With golf courses around the vicinity, there are golf boutiques within the Lodge so rich people can buy their golf outfits anytime. LOL


The view you’ll see when you stay at the Lodge. I guess the $3000 stay per night is worth it.


When driving along 17 Mile, you’ll see forests like this. You’ll be shocked with the houses (yes there are residences within the Drive!) you’ll see as you drive by. I saw this huge castle-like mansion with national flags in front. I could imagine that some monarch family owns it.

BA3Second stop was Pescadero Point where we took so much pictures.





I’m on the other side of the ocean but I no longer feel alone 🙂


That photo above is a picture of one of the 10 most magnificent trees in the world. The Lone Cypress is an iconic stop along 17 Mile Drive.


The road above is the famous Spanish Bay. Pretty isn’t it?



Such a breathtaking view, right? I mean look at how blue the ocean water is! Their white sand (our white sand in the PH is actually much whiter) felt like sugar grains. And the water? If you like bathing in ice cold water, you are very much welcome to dive. LOL



My 17 Mile Drive adventure is comparable to my experience when I walked along the Great Wall of China. Both felt surreal. I realized how blessed I was to be able to touch another part of the world. Places where not everyone is given the opportunity to experience it.

I have also learned the hardship of not having the same language and culture with people around mo so I have to be more independent and confident in everything that I do. I have enjoyed my US journey and at the same time incredibly miss my cats and family. I may be leaving the US soon but it has taught me a lot of things and I hope that I’d be a changed woman (for the better) when I come back to my home country.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

P.S. I still have my Napa adventure to post soon! ❤

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