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Not So Dirty Hippie

I was thrilled to see that the 70s fashion made a comeback this year. When I saw the Mango and Zara campaigns, I was so excited knowing I could finally buy a good pair of flared jeans. I have always adored that kind of jeans as they compliment the curves and with the right styling, could make your booty pop.

1 2Forever21 top

3Furla sunglasses

4Coach wedges

5 6Zara jeans

7 8

. Chictopia . Lookbook .

9 10

I was fortunate the boyfriend showed me this part of Stockton with a very pleasant view. We couldn’t help but take many pictures so please excuse me for posting too much. LOL. 

Some people have been asking me where I buy my clothes. I am blessed that I am here in the States right now so I can take advantage of the branded things that I’ve always wanted. Back in the Philippines, it’s really hard to find a certain brand. Good thing that Zara and Mango is available in most urban cities like Manila and Cebu. But whenever I have that itch to go shopping for something trendy, I usually shop at Zalora and many other IG shops. Aside from having Mango and River Island, Zalora has their own line too which in my opinion is very trendy and not expensive at all.

If you guys have any other questions, you can reach me thru my email ( or maybe message me on my Facebook Page. You can also check my Instagram account and leave a comment there too. I’m actually nice, I promise 😀

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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