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Choose Chicago

A photo diary of my Chicago experience…


The view from my room in Hyatt Regency Mccormick Place was amazing. They gave me a room at the 22nd floor so I had a great view of the city.


The room was big with large windows and a resting chair at the side. I could easily see the city if I sit at the chair whenever I use my laptop. It has a big King size bed in the middle of the room fronting the flat screen television. The comfortable bed made the room cozy despite the modern vibe of the hotel.


I gotta say that my stay at Hyatt Regency Mccormick Place was really great. Customer service in the US is really awesome! The food however was just okay. I can’t say great but it was…okay. I guess I found it a little bland but it’s probably just my Filipino tongue. And maybe because I was expecting more due to it’s prices.


Don’t you just love this view of Chicago at night? It reminded me of the Batman Arkham games I usually play.


I had a day to actually go around Chicago and it was a great thing my hotel was just a few minutes of cab ride away from the famous Millenium Park.

CH9 CH10

Upon arriving in Millenium Park, the famous Crown Fountain greeted me first. It is composed of two transparent brick towers with a reflecting pool in between them. The way it works is an interactive work of art and video sculpture. The kids surely had fun in this interesting part of the Park.

CH11 CH12


Millenium Park is situated along Michigan drive where most tourist spots are also found. The Art Institute of Chicago and the Public Library were just a few steps away from the park.



Millenium Park is also the home of a stage framed with curving plates of stainless steel, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. This famous pavilion hosts many musical events and free concerts from Grant Park Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. It actually reminded me of the Cornucopia from the first Hunger Games movie.


There is also a public garden inside Millenium Park called The Lurie Garden. Despite the many tourists, the garden remained serene and calm. If only I had someone with me, I would have taken my OOTD shots here. #foreveralone LOL



I found this cool foot bridge that connects Millenium Park to Maggie Daley Park. Like the Pavilion, this foot bridge called the BP Pedestrian Bridge was also made of stainless steel plates to express abstraction. Due to it’s curving form, it actually resembles a large snake.


I wasn’t able to visit the Maggie Daley Park because I decided to go shopping at the Water Towers instead. LOL. I did take a picture of the Magge Daley Park climbing wall that was a popular spot for people who likes adventures.


This is the reason why I visited Millenium Park in the first place, The Bean. The Bean is actually a nickname of this piece of art’s true name, Cloud Gate. The structure is made up of 168 stainless steel plates welded together. What made it more amazing is that the exterior is highly polished and there are no visible seams! Welded steel plates but no visible seams?! I KNOW RIGHT?!

CH21 CH22

After walking around Millenium Park, I decided to go shopping at one of Chicago’s famous mall, the Water Tower Place. The mall has a really nice modern architecture. The beauty of it’s location is that you can go out and visit other shops too. Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue are situated around Water Tower.


As I was in Chicago for a business conference, it was a good thing that I had a few more hours to spend before finally going back to Sacramento. And just like any fashion girls, I used that time to go shopping again. Hihihi 😀


Water Tower Place is situated along Michigan Avenue. What I love about this strip is that all the boutiques and shops are found there too.




One of the things that I love about Chicago is how they merged the old buildings from the modern ones. How they preserved so much of the past and combined it with the present produced a unique kind of beauty. It reminded me of Shanghai but a lot cleaner and friendlier.

That’s what I love most about the USA. People are so friendly here. I still can’t get over people greeting me as if we know each other. How people randomly compliment each other (but not in a creepy way). And don’t even get me started with the convenience. Everything’s so convenient here. The Customer Service is hands down amazing. Plus the food! Oh, the food! I can’t even explain how mouth watering and big everything here is! I know, I am pretty sure I’ll gain so much weight again by the time I go back in the Philippines. I mean, can you blame me?

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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