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Just got back here in the States. So what’s the first thing to do? SHOPPING!

3Forever21 jumpsuit

4Zara flats

5Chaps bag


. Chictopia . Lookbook .


I arrived in the US last week and one of the first thing I did was go shopping. Duh. LOL. The last time I was here, I wasn’t able to visit the Paragon Outlets in Livermore and I really wanted to check out the place since it’s one of the few shopping centers (nearest to where I am staying) that has a Prada outlet.

The place was really nice. It actually has more luxury shops compared to the outlets I’ve been to. They even have Saks Fifth, Barneys, Burberry and some more expensive boutiques that I couldn’t remember. Hihi. And being an average earning woman, I wanted to check out luxury brands that I might afford. Most of these shops were 50 to 75% off. For example, there was this Prada Tessuto bag which was around $600 only. I was really tempted to buy but I told myself that I should wait until I am going back home. 😀 I actually have that kind of attitude when it comes to buying expensive stuff (500$ up). I have to wait for a few more days before purchasing. I just hope no one buys it first or else I’ll be incredibly disappointed. Haha!

How about you guys? What’s your attitude when it comes to shopping? Do you immediately buy the thing that you want regardless of their price? Or do you wait for a few more days to be sure?

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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