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Laid Back

I’m back, bitzes!


Actually this post was supposed to be published last February but I was too busy with work and health related issues that I wasn’t able to post it. But no worries, everything’s fine. Sometimes, we just have to lie back, chill…and insert time for blogging.


5H&M top

6Anne Klein watch

4Keds shoes



. Chictopia . Lookbook .




I’ve had a very interesting start for this year. It was quite chaotic, with the usual roller coaster of emotions due to missing someone badly and news about my health, but nevertheless I survived and feeling much better now. I’m actually busy with so many things that it’s kind of difficult to insert some blogging time. About three weeks ago, I was in Thailand for business stuff (and let’s be honest, shopping) but now I’m still busy with my tasks and responsibilities in our business. Not to mention, I also insert some online work related to fashion everyday. Two weeks ago I started doing some work for someone’s wedding (hint: it’s not mine!) too. With me juggling all of these things, it actually helped with my procrastination to work out. Ha! See doc, I don’t need to exercise every other day, I’m burning fat from doing so much work! Hihi.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this month to somehow end. I believe I deserve some relaxation both from physical and emotional exhaustion. LOL. My birthday will probably a good start to just chill and maybe some pampering time for moi. And a certain trip this June will be my highlight for 2015! You’ll just have to wait and see 😀

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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