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All I Want for Christmas

I’ve been around Asia for the whole of 2014. I went to Hong Kong last January, Shanghai and Beijing on March and June and Singapore last September. It was exciting and full of amazing (food) experiences but it was also kind of tiresome. So I vowed never to go abroad for the last quarter of the year unless… I can celebrate Christmas in America. ♥

1BCBG coat , American Eagle Outfitters jacket

2F&F dress and necklace

3 4H&M tights and booties


Chictopia . Lookbook. StylePile


Today is my first Christmas away from Gensan. However, I found it a little weird I didn’t feel depressed. Although I admit I feel a tinge of sadness since I do miss my family and my cats. But somehow I feel contented, my heart is at peace. Probably because all I wanted for Christmas this year was to be with someone special again. ♥

I hope you all guys are having a wonderful holiday celebration, no matter what your beliefs are. I wish you all get your hearts’ desires, I sure did. 😉

Happy Christmas, everyone!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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