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Romanticizing the Wardrobe

If you want to make an outfit look sweeter with a hint of sophistication, go for laces.

2Elishop top

3GMall skirt

4Charles & Keith bag

5Zara heels

6Michael Kors watch

7 8More pics because Pinx loves me and she takes amazing photos. Hihihi.


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See what I did there?

I was going for something classy again because of work but I wanted to give it a little hint of sweetness. Thus, the lace skirt. It was an amazing find at one of the local malls here in Gensan. It doesn’t only look romantic, but the color makes it very unique too, not to mention the pencil style makes it a perfect addition to my classy look addiction. LOL

You see lace clothing doesn’t only come in white color and it doesn’t necessarily mean it will make any wearer look old. Yes, it’s a perfect way to romanticize any outfit but sometimes with one wrong move, it can be a fashion police worthy article. The secret? It all comes down on how you style it.

Don’t pair it with the same pattern of laces. If you don’t know how to pull lace-on-lace, ditch it. Go for something that is unexpected like a simple white t-shirt, a see-through button down or in my case, a silk black top. Another one is to never mix it with thick material. Lace is usually made up of wool and is considered a thick type of clothing. Pairing thick clothing with one another will make you look bulky. Unless it’s a coat, forget it.

All of the things mentioned above is just me. I’ve never studied in any fashion school so if you have other opinion, don’t hesitate to comment below. I’d like to know more about styling too!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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