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Power Dressing

Dress like a CEO and people will treat you like a CEO.


2F&F top and pants

3Thrifted blazer

4SM Accessories earrings

5Payless heels


Chictopia . Lookbook . StylePile

I have always been a fan of the lakas makasosyal (classy) style. One of the things that I love when I “power dress” is how people treat you differently. I know, it’s very mababaw of me to think that way but I’m telling the truth. People tend to judge on how you look from the outside. Call me pretentious or mayabang or judgmental, BUT THAT IS THE TRUTH. For example, I went to a client wearing this outfit and the security guard didn’t check my bag or asked for an ID. It was also raining so he even asked me if he could assist me with an umbrella. On days that I look casual, security guards would never treat me like that. LOL

I don’t know about you but I love looking classy and elegant. And what I love even more about it is that I can look like I’m wearing YSL or Gucci from head to foot but I’m not actually wearing expensive clothing. I find it magical whenever people compliment me of how sophisticated my style is but they don’t know that I’m actually wearing something thrifted or borrowed from Mom.

You see, looking tailored, chic and upscale doesn’t have to be expensive. I may have said that alot of times but it is just so true. The thing is you just have to know what looks good on you, add a little bit of research from your style inspirations, mix some gold or silver accessories, and viola, you’ll be looking like a million dollars. But hey, this needs a lot of practice! Not everyone can look put together like Victoria Beckham or Olivia Palermo. They themselves had years of practice and experience.

So go, explore and definitely have fun!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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