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Coachella Dreaming

Who doesn’t want to experience the biggest Summer Music and Arts Festival in the world?

1SM Parisian wedges

2Uyy. Kunwari stolen. LOL

gapGAP Jeans

3An old denim vest and necklace I found in my room but forgot where I bought it. LOL


Chictopia . Lookbook . StylePile


When life gets rough, I like to hold on to my dream, 
Of relaxing in the summer sun, just lettin’ off steam.
– Olaf, Frozen

I was browsing photos and videos on the happenings with Coachella and I must say, I’m jealous. People there get to wear sexy summer outfits and enjoy the music while I’m in here stuck with the notorious sunny weather. Gaahh! What I’d sacrifice just to be able to experience the US. Oh well, fingers crossed! 😉

For now let me just share to you what I’d probably wear if i was there enjoying Summer; denim on denim with a sexy twist! I wore a denim vest as a top, put on my 1969 boot leg jeans, add up some flower crown and voila, I’m ready for some groove at Coachella!

How about you guys? What would you wear if you were given the chance to experience a music festival?

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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