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Everything about the High Heel Hoopla

Women in every generation and every decade have a fetish for high heels, and why not? Heels have a very slender and amazing appeal to offer to any woman, irrespective of what she is wearing or her height in consideration. That’s probably a reason why every closet tends to have one pair of those gorgeous high heels, and thankfully you can now buy all kinds of heeled shoes online.

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What’s trending: For those looking to splurge into a pair of expensive high heels, the first style to shop for is high heeled nude pumps. No matter whether you like the regular chic pumps or have a fetish for peep toes, this is one style that will continue to be in vogue. If you have been following the summer trends for 2013 and have taken a note of the clear heels that made an entry, it’s time to get a pair. Clear heels look better and beautiful when the entire sole is in the same style or the height is above 3.5 inches. Of course, those colored high heels that come in the stilettos style and are devoid of embellishment are worth paying for!

What to wear with high heels: Heels have a point of making legs look leaner and thinner, apart from adding height, which is why they work everywhere. You can wear heels with most formal wear, especially when you are wearing pant suits or skirts. As for informal looks, heels look classy when combined with skirts, pants or even leggings. Depending on where you are heading, and the kind of look you need, it is best to check in for the options in colors and styles. Ethnic or party wear high heels often have embellishments that make them expensive in every sense. If you are wearing a mini skirt or dress, heels are what you need for that awe-inspiring look.

What you may not know: In spite of having options like block heels and wedges, the love for high heels doesn’t seem to fade. However, high pencil heels come with a list of cons that is often unknown and hard to ignore. Heels with more 4 inches of height can cause serious foot troubles and damage to the legs. In fact, when you wear a pair of high heels, your entire body weight lies on your back, so don’t be surprised when backaches become common. Of course, there is more to the medical things, but caring for your feet is what you can best do.

Less pain and more style: Ideally, heels should be reserved for special days and occasions. Even if your work and daily routine requires you to be in heels most of the time, it is best to restrict walking as much as you. Not to forget, stick to the known brands and designers for ensuring safety and comfort for the legs.

– Heidi –

Author’s Bio: Heidi is an ardent blogger and is known for her association with shoe styles and trends. She loves fashion to the core and keeps bringing the best for her readers who spread all around the globe.

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