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Hello 90s

I have to say that my style for the past few weeks has been inspired by the 90s. This is all your fault Rachel Green! Haha!

1Forever21 crop top


Chictopia . Lookbook . StylePile

5Casio watch

I’m currently inlove with crop tops right now. They are probably my favorite 90s trend. I guess because Riri and Miley make them look really sexy. (Also, probably because I’ve been rewatching FRIENDS episodes over and over again. Haha!) I love pairing crop tops with skater skirts and high waisted shorts/skirts/pants. I also opt wearing sneakers/flat booties for an edgier feel. If only it’s easy to find those things in here.

What about you? What’s your favorite trend from the 90s fashion?

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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