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Casual Cartoon-ish

Thrifted tank top . Bayo yellow jeans . KCC Blazer

Vanity ring . KCC Luxe bangle . S&H boat heels

I’d like to apologize first for having only a few shots. It’s kinda hard taking pictures of yourself, pressing the timer and running and posing and stuff. #bloggerproblems

Anyways, this was my ootd last week when I had to renew my passport at DFA General Santos. I knew I had to be somewhat “formal” because you’ll have your photo taken for the new passport. Thus, I decided to wear a blazer…and not just any blazer! When I found this at KCC, I knew I had to buy it.

I also toned down my usual blogger outfit since it was a day off at work and I don’t want anyone staring at me at the DFA. I wore minimal accessories and just a casual tank top and jeans combo. Don’t worry, I decided not to go with those boat heels. I really don’t think I could drive with those. Hihihi.

See how my casual look became fun from just being plain? What do you think?

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–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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