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Sophisticated Lady

Today is a working day so I decided to take my work outfit to another level. I wore something bright while maintaining the sophistication of the whole ensemble.

Fayeness necklace . South Shores earrings . SM Accessories belt

Chictopia . Lookbook . StylePile

Top and skirt from KCC

Luxury Mall shoes

Office getups are usually a combination of white and black or gray or blue. They can be a bit boring and strict-looking if you don’t mix it up with accessories that makes you look approachable and down-to-earth, which is why I wore this below-the-knee length pencil skirt. The orange and black stripes look so fun and the slit at the back is so unexpected and sexy. I paired it with a black top to maintain that formal look. Since I decided to wear my new cap-toe pumps from Luxury Mall, which happens to have some gold color in it, I went for the gold accessories to match them.

And before I end this blog post, I’d like to share to you some lyrics from Natalie Cole’s Sophisticated Lady (a great inspiration for this post):

She’s a different lady with a different style 
She stands tall and steady like the eiffel tower… 

She wears knee length dresses with her high heel steppers 
She’s not no back stabber but she’s sure a pleaser… 

She can start a fire in the coldest man 
She’s a hip slick sister known throughout the land
Sophisticated lady that’s her name… 

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s lair–

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