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Remember those days when we girls go gaga over those cute long haired brothers? I’m not talking about the JONAS brothers! You know, the 90s all brother band?  I think they had a cameo in Katy Perry‘s TGIF.

Yes! The HANSONS! Well, if you were already alive before 1997 you should have figured that out just by the title. I remembered their most famous song while editing my outfit posts for today so, yey 90s!

Sorry for my poor editing skills. That’s why I decided to make those pictures look smaller! But I really wanted to share these photos so you could see how my outfit looks without the blazer 😉

Top and Bangle from KCC Mall

Accessories from Langco

Primadonna shoes.

Thrifted blazer and short shorts.

Really sorry for my poor editing skills. I may need tutoring or something. Seriously. Anyways, what do you think of this look? I think it’s so fitting for my summer here in Gensan. So hot by morning and then it rains heavily by afternoon. Yeah. It sucks. All I could do now is sing Mmmbop and be happy about it.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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