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Elite Mineral Makeup: Shimmers and Glow

Today is a Tuesday so it’s an Elite Minerals day!

Summer is fast approaching and what nice partner makeup for the season, Shimmers and Glow! It highlights, gives you that sunny look making you look golden and fab, all ready for summer!

1. Bare Glow

Bare Glow

A subtle creamy pink color, usually used as a highlighter. I recommend using this for everyday. It’s nice and subtle.

2. Caramel


A little goes a long way with this brown sparkly bronzer. Very cute shade that’s also nice to wear everyday.

3. French Kiss

French Kiss

A pink, rosy shimmer that goes well with all skin tones. Another shade that can be used everyday. And the name is just so interesting. 😀

4. Glowing


This iridescent color adds an extra touch of glow that can be used with any look, any skin tone for any time of the day. Works well as a shimmer for your shoulders too!

5. Mauve Glow

Mauve Glow

This purple cheek color works well on medium tan skin tones. Filipinas like me out there, this is for you!

So what do you think of my picks? Cause I really like them! Go and be summer ready now!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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