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Elite Mineral Makeup: Primer and Mascara

It’s a Thursday night so it’s cosmetics night!

Tonight I’ll be focusing on Elite Minerals’ Primer and Mascara.

1. Eye Shadow Primer

Eye Shadow Primer

A good eye shadow primer is the secret behind every masterpiece of a makeup artist. It’s the one that makes the eye shadow vibrant and long lasting. Elite Minerals Eye Shadow Primer is a thick, creamy, flesh toned make up that creates the perfect absorbent canvas to give those wonderful minerals a surface to stick to. So goodbye to your woes of no long lasting eye colors! And oh, this primer acts as a great concealer too! Definitely worth it!

2. Black Mascara

Elite Mineral Black Mascara

Mascaras are behind those beautifully dolled up lashes. When you are unfortunate to have those long lashes like me, well this is the answer. Whether you want volume, length, curl or definition, this is the one for you!

So what are you waiting for? Grab these babies now at Elite Minerals and have the eyes that turn heads!

–the girl who’s lost in Desires realm–

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