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Albert and Graziel’s Journey to their Dream Wedding

Remember the time I told you guys via Facebook about me doing some styling and makeup for a pre-nuptial photoshoot? Well, this is it. Get ready to “aww” a lot. 😉

The beauty of love and to be inlove…

Albert and Graziel’s “before I do

And here’s me! X))

And here’s the slideshow for more pictures…

Photography by Mr. Paul Anthony Funte

MUA/Stylist: Me, myself and I

Venue: Packing 13, San Isidro, Lagao, General Santos City, Philippines

Liked it? Cause I loved the shots. Mr. Funte did a great job at making it more romantic. I mean that sure is a talent with photography.

So let’s now go to the wedding. I’m sure you’ll just love this and maybe even want to get married tomorrow!

Albert and Graziel just before The Wedding

(warning: heavy pictures ahead)

 The Groom

Yeah that’s me. HAHA.

The Maid of Honor (who happens to be my bestfriend) and the Bride.

The beautiful Bride.

The Couple.

Awesome Photography.

All photo credits goes to…

So what do you think? The pictures are awesome right? Ahhh, love.

Congratulations to the newly weds!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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