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Elite Mineral Makeup: Matte Blush Picks

Blushes are a must haves in any makeup collection. Check a woman’s purse and you can totally see one. Blushes help us have this rosy healthy look. It takes all our paleness away and gives us this lively feeling. That’s how important blushes are! So today I’ll be focusing on Elite Mineral’s Matte Blushes.

There are so many in Elite’s blush collection but I wanted to focus on their matte ones first as they are my favorite! You’ll see why…

1. Love Bite

This blush has warm purple hue that will go perfectly for dark skinned individuals. But if you want or have that edgy look, you’ll never go wrong with this blush. It’s like high fashion in a small cute box.

2. Yummy

If you have fair skin and want that natural rosy look, go for Yummy and you’ll turn heads immediately!

3. Cheeky

Cheeky is a matte bronzing blush so this is what you must have if you want that natural sun-kissed look! Summer’s calling!

4. Mauve

This deep red and purple blush makes a statement. And a definitely “must-have statement”.

5. Warm Glow

Tan beauties out there, this is for you! This peachy with a hint of pink blush is really nice. Goes well with the pretty bikinis!

So what do you think of them? Cause I sure love em!

P.S. So sorry guys that I didnt post last week. I got so sick. But hey, now I’m okay so everything will come back to normal now. 🙂

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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