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LYST Weekly Picks 002

Today’s Monday so it’s time again for my… LYST Picks of the Week!

ASOS Ponti Deep Lapel Blazer

This Lapel Blazer is gorgeous. Whether you wear it for work with your dress or suit pants, or for malling with your colorful short shorts, it’s perfect!

ASOS Bow All Over Tights

This is uber cute! Wear it with your mini skirt for that feminine vibe and you’re good to go!

MICHAEL ANTONIO Womens Cane Ankle Boot

I just adore the color! And it also looks sleek and sophisticated to me. Perfect for that edgy look in the office!

ASOS Bowler Bag in Anchor Print

Don’t you just love this bag? Perfect for spring and almost summer season!

So what do you think of my picks? Love em? They are all under $50 (prices may vary after some time so you should totally hurry before they are all gone)! Order them now at LYST!

P.S. I must be loving the ASOS brand. Well, they really have a nice collection!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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