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Elite Mineral Makeup: Brush Sets

If you love makeup like me, you know how important it is to have the perfect brushes. Brushes play an important role in putting on makeup perfectly. As I am featuring Elite Minerals, here are their collection of brush sets…

1. Amour Mineral Set

Amour Brush Set comes with 5 different brushes. Includes; foundation brush, blush brush, concealar brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush for different applications.

2. Professional Brush Set

Professional Brush Sets are currently 50% off! This kit Includes brush apron and 20 Long handle Brushes which follows : Dual Length, Flat Bronzer, Jumbo Powder Dome, Jumbo Angle Powder, Chisel Blush, Small Chisel Brush, Pointed Dome, Angle Brush, Angle Foundation, Angle Eye Liner, Lip Brush, Thin Liner, Red Sable Oval, Firm Shadow, Chisel Deluxe Fluff, Chisel Pointed Fluff, Chisel Mini Smudger, Round Contour, Angle Brow, Brow Lash Comb.

3. Synthetic Set

Synthetic Kit includes 7 types of brushes for different applications of minerals. Foundation brush, blush brush, spoolie, mascara, concealer brush, round contour brush, lip liner brush.

Want them? Cause I totally want one! Order now at Elite Mineral Makeup!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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