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Elite Mineral Makeup: Lipstick Picks

If you have been reading my previous posts, you’ll know how much I love lip colors. They give color to my pale face, with or without the foundation, blush and eye shadow. I think that’s the best thing about lipsticks, you can just wear them and you’re good to go.

As usual, I’ll be focusing on Elite Minerals. And so here are my picks for their lipstick collection…

1. Peach

This natural creamy pink lip color is great for everyone. You can wear this everyday, whether its for work or shopping or a date. Peach lip color never goes wrong.

2. Sparkly Wine

I love nude lipsticks. They look sophisticated and natural. If you want something like that, go for Sparkly Wine.

3. Gold Love

Such unique color, right? Gold Love is perfect for tan to dark colored individuals. But you must need a lip primer to have that perfect effect you want.

4. Sunny Day

Sunny Day is a natural creamy red color with hints of brown. This can be used when you have little or simple eye makeup to bring attention to the lips. You can even use this without putting any other makeup at all, like when you’re late for work or when you are busy.

5. Mini Mineral Lipstick Set

I love this mini set. It has 5 shades; a bright eye gazing red shade ‘Ruby’ , a mattemauve shade ‘Deep Rose Pink’ for fall, a slightly medium dark cranberry shimmer shade ‘Pearl Cherry’, a lightpeach innocent shade ‘Peach Frost’ for most seasons, and a golden bronze shade ‘Spiced Coral’. I would recommend this to everyone so they have many shades to choose everyday. Awesome, right?

What do you think of my picks? Love ’em? You can have that too by visiting Elite Minerals. So go and get natural today!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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