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Elite Mineral Makeup: Foundation Picks

It’s Thursday so it’s Cosmetics night!

Tonight, I’ll be focusing on one of the most basic type of makeup, the foundation. Foundation is a coloured cosmetic applied on the face to create an even, natural look. It is used also to hide blemishes and sometimes to change the natural skin color. It is the first makeup we put on after cleaning our face and putting on moisturizers. Foundation is therefore one of the most, if not the most, important makeup we have. There are lots of types of Foundation. There are available in liquid type, mousse, cake and minerals.ย We will be focusing on the mineral type of foundation.

I am featuring Elite Mineral Makeup again. I just can’t seem to stop loving their collections! ย The all natural, no animal tested products are just love.

So here are my picks for their Foundation (they have tons of different shades, check it here)…

1. Fairly Light

This shade is used best on very fair and light individuals. It has a warm undertone so it will fit perfectly.

2. Light Beige

Light Beige is a darker shade than the Natural foundation. This is probably my favorite as it’s best for my type of skin tone, yellow pigmented. Asians will do well on this.

3. Deep

Deep is a red pigmented dark foundation. This is used best on medium to dark skinned individuals.

4. Natural

This is probably the most popular shade in choosing Foundation. It’s also the most popular in Elite Minerals. This is best to use on light to medium light skin tones. This is definitely a must buy!

5. Honey

Honey is best for individuals with pink hues on their skin. So if you have a pinkish face, try Honey to compliment it.

Do you like my picks? Perhaps you might even want to try it for yourself. Just click here or the logo of Elite Minerals found at the sidebar of this blog.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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