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Fashion Watch: NDDU University Days

Friday last week, Desire’s threshold led me to a school I have known for a long time. Perhaps because I studied there for more than 14 years. And yes, they gave me a Loyalty Award.

Anyways, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University is one of the oldest Private Catholic school in General Santos. The University/Colleges are known in the city for their bonggacious University Week. And so I journeyed with Isko, Daorui and Christine to the Institution of the Marist Brothers.

The blogger in me can’t help but take pictures of the people while touring the school. And here are some of NDDU’s fashionista. (Some are stolen so, sorry :D)

Leather Jacket! The Taylor Momsen in me can’t help but take a stolen shot of this guy.

Animal printed tops are so in today. And this girl, rocked it! With that killer pumps and pretty face (sorry as she was running away), she’s totally worth of a picture.

Polka Polka, baby. These girls wore Polka Dots clothings and they really looked nice. Plus the doll shoes, fab.

She’s cute and knows how to wear clothes. I can say that because I know her personally. I really loved her colorful abstract top, toned it down with white short shorts, wore a wedge. Perfect.

I’m a fan of THE GREAT WHITE SHIRT. It’s simple but makes anyone elegant when worn right. Just like them.

I wish I could do more posts like this. So if you happen to know any event, don’t hesitate to invite me. Just send me an email ( or like my page and write at my wall. HAHA. No seriously guys. It’s nice to let the world see what you can do. If you like fashion, why not. It’s a talent, don’t let anyone stop you from sharing it.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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