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Cosmetic Feature: Elite Mineral Make Up

Anyone who knows me personally knows I’m a sucker for makeup and cosmetic products. I have products from Clinique, Hema (Amsterdam), L’Oreal, Maybelline, Nichido, NYX, Revlon and Careline (a local brand). Some were bought, the rest were given as gifts. Most, if not all, of my cosmetic products are either synthetic or those tested in animals. I have no idea on mineral makeup as the only store available here offering such product is The Body Shop, which is quite pricy. However, there is a rising cosmetic company that offers makeup from ORGANIC AND 100% NATURAL ingredients, the Elite Mineral Make Up.

Elite Mineral Make Up products are from high quality minerals. Materials are not from China and no chemical-animal tested ingredients whatsoever. Most of the people I know using their products complimented that they are tout naturel. No itchiness or any skin irritations have been reported from using their products. And from that perspective, I can say it’s even better than the Bare Essential ones. For the next few weeks, I’ll be talking about my picks on Elite Mineral MakeUp products. From their matte eye products (which I’m so excited about as I love their collection!) to their glimmering blushes and uber nice lipsticks. So stay tune and while you’re at it visit their website,, or click their badge at the right side bar of this blog.

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Happy Desire Day to all of us!

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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