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Countdown to Valentine’s Special: The Classic Valentine Date

Desire’s crib is quite befuddled. People come and go. I’ve gone from a very crowded place to a very depressing one. Ah, well Valentine’s day is tomorrow after all.

My blog post today will be about the usual dinner date outfit for Valentine’s, but with a touch of sexiness.

THE Valentine Date. You can totally wear this outfit on a dinner date or on a sweet valentine’s concert. You know, the classic Valentine’s date.

Got my dress from Pink Soda.

Shoes from Ellie, a korean brand.

The nicely flower patterned tights from Oro.

The rings are from a store in Manila which I totally forgot (sorry). The bracelet is actually a necklace. See the creativity there? 😉

This cute necklace from KCC Mall of Gensan.

This is it. This is really is it. Tomorrow’s THE day. Some of you are excited, some are bitter and some just don’t really care. Valentine’s probably one of the most confusing “holiday” ever. I mean, it’s not even a holiday but it’s a special day for celebrating love and everyone’s affected by it.

So spread the love guys, whether you want to spread it with your legs or not, that’s your decision. But please practice safe sex.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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