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Countdown to Valentine’s Special: A Pretty Reckless Valentine Date

As promised, I’m posting something that’s related with Valentine’s today. Read on to know another unique idea for this Love Season.

Going to Valentine’s concerts with your loved one is a nice idea on Valentine’s Day. But in my opinion, that’s kinda too mainstream. So why don’t you bring your boyfriend/girlfriend/friends to a ROCK CONCERT!

My Valentine Theme: A Pretty Reckless Valentine Date

Top was given to me by my Tita Susan from Manila. My inner tube top is from H&M.

Bangles from a shop near Gensan’s Public Market.

Shorts from Whatever found in Robinson’s Place Gensan. Shoes from Ellie found in KCC Mall of Gensan.

The rocker headband and belt plus the necklace were bought from Gaisano Mall of Gensan.

What great timing as Avril Lavigne will be coming to Manila this 16th of February for her Black Star Tour! So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets here now!

If you can’t go there as you are from General Santos City, why not enjoy the night with your friends at a local bar. You may visit Pacquiao’s Jmix at the JMP Building or Qbar at the Sun City Suites Complex. If you want to LOL all night, visit Where Else Bar at South Osmena St. If you want to just sit and hear good music, check out the line of restobars at Robinson’s Place Gensan. You can be that pretty reckless and might even find someone that can rock your world!

P.S. Good luck with Desire’s threshold. It’s full of temptation. 😉

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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