Countdown to Valentine’s Special: Preppy Valentine Date

February at last, it’s the love month, it’s Desire’s month. The threshold has been busy. People entering, getting lost and sometimes meeting Despair along the way. Girls go gaga, boys get confused and some become bitter. All because Valentine’s is fast approaching.

To celebrate Desire’s month, I decided to have a “countdown”, posting blogs for Valentine’s (mainly fashion and cosmetics related) starting today. And by Valentine’s day, something big for my blog will happen. **fingers crossed**

First post: A Preppy Valentine Date

This vintage look is great for day dates! And when I say “date”, it doesn’t have to be with a guy or a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can go with your friends or even with your mom!

I got the dress from Gaisano Mall of Gensan.

The red headband and shoes are from KCC Mall of Gensan.

The cute bag is from my cousin (Thanks Ate Cynthia!). The accessories are from a store near Gensan’s Public Market. While the belt was bought from a Bazaar held in Robinson’s Place Gensan.

So now that you’re ready for your day date, GO GIRL! It doesn’t matter whether you’re single (all the more reason to be beautiful), married, double, separated or whatever. Have fun and conquer Valentine’s Day!

P.S. Tune in this Wednesday for my next Countdown to Valentine’s Special.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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