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Lola’s Time to Pose

Filled with boredom while walking in Desire’s realm, I found myself checking out old photo albums. And there I found pictures of my Grandmother from the 50’s. As I was enjoying myself looking at how she was also into girly stuff, I decided why not feature her instead of my boring looks. Timing as her wardrobe that time reflects our fashion today. So guys I present you, Ms. Rosita Aban-Yap and the fashion of the 50’s…

Cute dress right?

Rocking the heels with socks during her time, just like Mellow Mayo today.

The dress with a collar like that is so in today.

Dresses with Peter Pan Collars in the 50’s.

The flowery dress plus the shoes with socks.

Funny how fashion just cycles back. How the generation of our parent’s parents and even their parents had wore what we are craving to wear today. I guess that’s just life.

My Lola lived a wonderful life, I can tell from her stories and photos. She passed a way with no regrets. I wish I could live the life I’m dreaming of too. Soon. I can feel it. It’s not to0 late for me. And it’s not to0 late for you too. ❤

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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