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Sh*t Fashion Girls Say: Truth or Just Almost?

I was suppose to write about how maxi skirts and pleats were so “in” in the 50s, but I guess this deserves to be written first.

I was walking in Desire’s realm when I got bored and started browsing Facebook, then I saw this. Some fashion blogger shared this youtube video and I have to say that it is fckn hilarious. Although I don’t really say all those things but somehow, those “chic” words do come out. HAHA. Enjoy!

To all fashionistas out there, what can you say? Is it true? Share your opinons below.

You can also check out The Platform’s Facebook Page, or follow them on twitter, check their youtube channel or better yet do everything. 😀

No copyright infringement intended. Credits goes to The Platform Channel.

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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