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A Thriftaholic Goes Shopping: 011612

I went to the clinic last week for a doctor’s appointment. Little did I know that I would go thrift/ukay shopping rather than see the doctor. Can’t blame me if the doctor’s out right? 😉

Well, there I was trying to go home and then an idea popped into my head – There’s a thrift store beside the clinic, why don’t you check it out before going home. And after 30-45 minutes of intense shopping, I went out of the store with a huge smile in my face and a bag full of great stuff.

Anyways, here are the stuff I bought from the thrift store:

Hats. I happen to be addicted to hats too. Before, headbands but now, hats. Look at those gorgeous hats I found. Those four hats only cost Php 100.00 or 2.31 USD.

Black Cargo Pants. I was so happy when I found this one. I could now go rocker chic like Taylor Momsen. And how much this cost me? 1.15 USD or Php 50.00!

Aqua Maxi Skirt. Pastel colors are so in today as well as pleated and maxi skirts. I was really happy when I found this while browsing. I mean, who wouldn’t? And for only Php 30.00 or 0.69 USD!

Amazing what one girl can find in a thrift store. So girls out there, if you think that being a fashionista is expensive, think again. Thrift/Ukay stores are everywhere!

To my fellow Fashionista Generals,  check out the Ukay-Ukay Store near Yap’s Clinic, infront of the Oval Plaza. You’ll find it really awesome. And don’t forget to haggle, it’s not a crime. 😀

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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