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That Office Girl

I have always dreamed of being a CEO of a big company. I’m a nurse by profession, ye, but so what? My university diploma doesn’t define who I am. Inspired by that dream, I borrowed my cousin’s camera and took some pictures. I hope they’re as fab as I think they are…

Dress: KCC Boutique | Shoes: Rusty Lopez | Necklace and Earrings: Fashion Jewelry | Clutch: Gift from Mother

Many of my friends would say that I am a “sophisticated” type when it comes to fashion. Well, I don’t blame them as most of my stuff are well for “sophisticated” type of people like those who work in offices.

I has always been my dream to be a CEO. I guess I’m not that far as I am currently employed in the family business. I do hope I can do well and not just sit in my chair and read from my Nook. 😀

So does your dream affect your sense of fashion? Leave a comment below. 😉

–the girl who’s lost in Desire’s realm–

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