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Red Flowers and Pumps

Happy New Year!

According to Chinese beliefs, wearing red during the New Year gives the person a lot of good luck. I’m not really a believer of such things but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have some luck this new year, right?

When I saw this Bustier Dress from Ghian’s Shubiz Et Al, I couldn’t help but buy it immediately. I’m a fan of bustiers ever since I saw Katy Perry wear one. Haha. Actually, it’s my first time wearing this since I bought it last June or July 2011. Good thing it still fits.

You know how I love shoes. So when I saw this Ellie red pumps, I fell in love and purchased it from KCC Mall of GenSan.

Oh, look what I found in the internet while surfing about my girl crush, Blake Lively…

Cute! I just wish I have her body.

Anyways, Happy New Year everyone!

the girl who’s lost in desire’s realm

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