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Pink VS Burgundy

I am a fan of cosmetics. You can see that in my previous posts. But 2011, my focus were mostly on lip colors. I fell inlove with lipsticks that I started buying one almost every month. I started with a light pink color then went bolder to hot pink ones. Of course the red was still a classic so I also bought one. I also have neutral colors and just one burgundy color. I’m not really brand conscious but of course I want something that also takes care of my lips. I have lipsticks from famous brands such as NYX, Revlon, Avon, Maybeline and some from not so popular brands like Careline and Hema.

Pink lips are so in the past 2011. It’s not a loud color, it’s girly and very pretty thus it can be used everyday, anytime, anywhere.

In the pictures below, I’m wearing NYX’ Hot Pink.

Burgundy lips also became quite popular by 2011 because of the Vampy looks (thanks a lot, Twilight). Actresses like Leighton Meester, Michelle Trachtenberg and Vanessa Hudgens rock the look!

Below I’m wearing Revlon’s Raspberry Rush.

So what do you like more, pink or burgundy? If you ask me, I like them both!


Well, that’s it for now. Time for me to go out, light a lantern, wish for something nice and jump as hard as I could so I could get taller.

P.S. I was busy the whole of December but I promise to make more blogs this 2012! X)

Soon I’ll be posting more of my lipstick collection. Happy 2012 Everyone!

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