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Hot Pink and Blue

Colors like blue and hot pink bring out the happiness within. They are very striking colors when put together. It’s like shouting “look at me, now!” but not to the point that it becomes arrogant. These colors exude confidence. This post is all about confidence… looking glamorous without compromising your wallet.

LOL at my face.

Top purchased in Divisoria for only Php 99.00. No kidding.

Skirt from the mall for just Php 179.00. I’m serious.

Shoes from Rusty Lopez for only Php 299.00. I love Sale!

Earrings are from the mall. They only cost Php 199.00.

Necklace bought at a Bazaar worth Php 150.00 only.

Rings at Php 79.00 each.

I’m not a brand conscious person. I buy stuff as long as it looks super cute and fits me perfectly. It helps my self-esteem when I know that my finances are intact and I can still be fashionable.

Bottomline: Cheap but super fab! So go confidence, go girl!

the girl who’s lost in desire’s realm

8 thoughts on “Hot Pink and Blue

  1. LOL at your face. I don’t know if you’re crying or laughing.

    Nice outfit. It’s cheek and professional. It can also be fun and casual 😀


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