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A Late Halloween Special

Halloween starts by the end of October. Now’s still November but everyone here in the Philippines are getting excited by the “Christmas breeze”, except me and a few people who love the tricks and treats of Halloween. What better way to dress yourself, impersonate others or just be plain scary but during Halloween. And as long as it’s still November, we could still enjoy those costumes.

Here’s my Halloween trick. I hope it’s a treat as well 😉

BTW, I just adore the fishnet tights. It’s my first time wearing them. It looks so sexy, right?

Top: Gaisano Mall | Skirt: Kowloon, Hong Kong Night Bazaar|

Shoes: Kowloon, Hong Kong Night Bazaar | Accessories: KCC Mall of Gensan

I made my pictures black and white to make it look umm scary or something. Haha.

Creepy? Sexy? I hope it’s both. Enjoy!

the girl who’s lost in desire’s realm

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