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Shoe Addiction

“Good shoes take you to good places.”

Shoes are every woman’s best friend. If guys go loco over video games (i love video games too!), we girls go gaga over shoes or bags or both. I have been a shoe lover ever since i bought my first stilletos. I have been searching the web from branded shoes like Gucci wedges and Christian Louboutin killer heels to DKNY flats, and they are all diamonds in my eyes. If you want to be extra creative and really unique, I have seen amazing custom made shoes in

I am not an heiress or a high class socialite so I could not afford such things. But that didn’t stop me from collecting shoes. I have lots of them, in fact. I have boots, wedges, pointed toe shoes, pumps, sandals and ballet flats. Some have already retired, some are quite difficult to clean because of  their velvety nature. And some are here…

These are some of my collection that i totally love. Most of them i can’t really use everyday but that didn’t stop me from collecting. Every time I want to pamper myself, I give myself a pair.

Every pair of shoes i have is a different story…

1. I bought this Brown Fish Mouth Weave Wedge online after receiving my first ever salary. The color compliments my skin tone and it really looks nice in a dress, shorts or skinny jeans.

2. I just finished my Nursing Licensure Exam and was given a time to enjoy Davao. I found this Ankle Boot in Gaisano Mall and fell in love immediately.

3. My friend Cyndale and I were getting bored so we decided to tour around the new mall that time, Robinsons Place Gensan. We found a sale in the Shoe Section in their Department Store. I was just browsing when i saw these. We both fell in love that we decided we can have the same shoes as long as we don’t wear them when we’re together.

4. We went to Hong Kong for our first ever vacation abroad. My cousin and I were strolling around Kowloon when we spotted this shoe store that were having a sale. I bought myself these gorgeous pumps and a pair of gray high cut boots.

Shoes are every woman’s best friend. And good shoes take you to good places indeed. Every time i wear my collection, i feel comfortable and fun. I go out with all confidence that it makes everything seem so happy and enjoyable. So girls, in buying shoes, take note that you have to be comfortable wearing them.

Shoe shopping is really fun. It can even take the stress away. However, shoe shopping can really go bad. Piece of advise, never ever buy shoes (or anything) just to make you happy ESPECIALLY if you don’t have the money. Having debts due to shopping addiction is never tolerated.

So, what are your favorite kind of shoes?

–the girl who’s lost in desire’s realm–

4 thoughts on “Shoe Addiction

    1. your leopard ballerina flats are really nice! wow. gee thanks Jessica! i’ll be checking out your blog in a while. 🙂


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