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Suicide: A Solution?

Have you been feeling down lately? Like you’re all alone, no one seems to understand and you feel like nobody loves or accepts you? You’ve been crying for weeks or getting drunk for months? And ultimately, you feel like you’re so done and you just want to die? Or you just know someone that’s actually feeling these things? Then this might just help you with all those things running in your head…

The following are some of my tips if somehow you (or someone you may or may not know) are actually thinking about committing suicide:

1. TALK. Talk to someone. A family, a friend, a lover, an enemy or even a stranger, name it. Just find someone that you really trust and tell them about your plans of leaving the world. Guys, if you happen to talk with a person who told you they’re going to kill themselves, believe them ’cause they really are probably thinking about it. Just tell them everything you are thinking of doing.

2. EXPRESS. Express yourself. Feel the emotion. Cry or shout for about 5 minutes if you have to, just don’t kill someone in the process. And like what Morrie said, LEARN TO LET GO. True, it’s easier said than done. You need to have a lot of courage and practice to do this stuff but actually, this is possible. If this whole suicide thing does not apply to you then be an advocate and help those who need this.

3. MINGLE. Give yourself some “people” time. Go enjoy a vacation with some friends, loved ones or family, it doesn’t have to be abroad or somewhere luxurious, your backyard or attic can suffice, even for just an hour or two. This is the perfect moment where you can pamper yourself with their company. Eat a whole bunch of donuts or a kilo of chocolate. Go to a salon, spa or gym. Go see a fun movie. Eat in a restaurant or turo-turo that you guys enjoy. Just do whatever that makes you happy. Enjoy time with your friends or whoever you wanna go with.

4. PRAY. Talk to God, Buddha, Bathala, Zeus or whoever/whatever you believe in. You may or may not have a god but you surely have someone you look up to. Talk to whoever/whatever that is. Engage in your beliefs and traditions. This is a critical moment in your life, remember that so you have to tell whoever that is, EVERYTHING (especially THAT plan of yours).

5. THINK. Now that you have done those things, think about all your plans again. You also might want to answer these things…

Is it really worth it? I have a life ahead of me, a future that is yet to unfold. Would i rather be a coward and leave everything rather than continue the journey of life? I have people i can talk to, right? I have my own social circle where we enjoy things that some may not appreciate? What will happen to them if i leave them? I have my own beliefs and traditions, will i break them if i ever continue with this plan? Is this the solution to my problem/s? Is this really what i want?



Suicide is the act of an organism intentionally causing its own death, often committed out of despair (Wikipedia). As of 2006, Philippines has a suicide rate of 2.10%. Not that bad? Quite but in the year 2000 we only had about 1.8% suicide rate. And if you happen to be a tagapagsubaybay of the news, more and more Filipinos are engaging in this thing as a means of “solution” to their problems.

Is Suicide the answer then? I myself had a fair share of disturbing thoughts of killing myself thus i can’t judge the people who have tried to or are attempting to commit suicide. But guys, it is never a solution. A means of getting away, yes. But a purely selfish escape. Think about it, you got away, but the problem stayed and just got worse because you left a whole bunch of people who are looking up to you. So if you really are thinking about or perhaps planning to do such thing, you can do those things i stated above and never ever be afraid of getting help. Remember that you are not alone in this journey.

Suicide is never an option.

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