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Miss Universe 2011: Fashion Picks

While people all over the world debate why Ms. Angola won or why Ms. Philippines was only 3rd runner up, I am enjoying the fashion that came with the most prestigious pageant in the universe.


Miss Universe is a very popular beauty pageant participated by the most beautiful women in the universe. It is held every year around the world with almost 600 million viewers.

Miss Universe actually started as early as 1920s, a part of the International Pageant of Pulchritude. It lasted till 1935 but the World War II brought an end to the contest eventually. And in 1952, the Miss Universe beauty contest was finally instigated by Pacific Mills clothing company before it was bought by the New York organization of Donald Trump in 1996.

The first ever Miss Universe pageant was held in Long Beach California in 1952. Armi Kuusela of Finland was crowned as the first Miss Universe. However, she gave up her throne before finishing her term because she got married.


Miss Universe doesn’t only show beauties from the different parts of the world but also talent and the ability to carry oneself with confidence. Here are some of my favorites as seen throughout the pageant:


For me, these two ladies caught my attention. Not only because of their cute bikinis but their ability to strut their stuff that makes their bikinis even more beautiful, not to mention their body too.

1. Ms. Kosovo

Ms. Kosovo’s peach colored swimsuit really complimented her body. Now that is what a bikini’s suppose to be.

2. Ms. Korea

Ms. Korea’s white swim wear accolades her cute face yet sexy aura. Asians are known for this.


These women are the best when it comes to intensifying their already beautiful gowns.

1. Ms. Angola

I really loved her gown. It was not that wild or too strong and not boring either, it was just right, almost perfect. If ever i get married, i would totally want this as my wedding gown.

2. Ms. China

I loved how this gorgeous red dress puts an impact to China’s tall yet graceful feature. It was like shouting, “look at me!” at everyone. No wonder she got in for the Top 5.

3. Ms. Korea

Ms. Korea seems to be in my favorite list. I am sure you will agree with me that this dress is just dazzling. It’s not too glittery or too exposed like most of the contestants’ evening gowns. It’s just stunning.

3. Ms. Ukraine

Her oozing sex appeal made her look like Aphrodite in that gown. She just looked so goddess-like that you can’t seem to stop looking at her.


There was only one girl that really caught my eye…

Ms. Venezuela’s costume reminded me of a happily ever after fairy tale in Pandora. Yes, James Cameron’s Avatar. It was colorful and just really beautiful like it said a thousand stories. I don’t know with others but this is totally my favorite.

You might wonder why there’s no Ms. Philippines in my picks. Well, i think she did good but there were just others who overpowered her in those categories. But Ms. Philippines’ answer during the Q&A will always be memorable. Memorable because i think she was the only one who answered directly and with confidence. A proof of how Ms. Shamcey Supsup is a really smart lass. But we have different views on religion and love so let’s just leave it at that.

And so… Congratulations to Ms. Philippines Shamcey Supsup for bagging the 3rd runner up. I’m proud to say that i am a fellow General.

Also, to Ms. Angola Leila Lopes, you really out shined them all, you deserve to be Ms. Universe 2011!

So what do you think about my fashion picks?

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