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Journey Around the World: Hong Kong

Welcome to the open city of Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Its beautiful global economy has attracted thousands of businessmen and tourists alike. With it’s low taxations, free trade and currency, Hong Kong dollar became the ninth most traded currency in the world. Not only is Hong Kong highly ranked in terms of economic competitiveness, but also with its quality of life, corruption perception and beauty of the city. The place is also enjoying a sub-tropical weather, loved by everyone who experienced it. Hong Kong is a certified one of the must-see destinations by people all over the world.

And so last Valentines of 2011, the whole family went to experience it. Here are some of our memories captured in the beautiful island of Hong Kong…

Hong Kong International Airport is AWESOME. Well, compared to General Santos’ International Airport and Manila’s NAIA, of course it’s really awesome. But I also read somewhere that Hong Kong’s Airport is actually one of the best and most beautiful in the world. We can’t help ourselves but take pictures. And we got reprimanded. HAHA. That’s what i don’t like about in Hong Kong, the people are so serious and strict. They all look grumpy!

We arrived around 1 in the morning and IT WAS SO EFFIN COLD. We didn’t expect the 10 degrees temperature of the place. Even though i was wearing a long sleeved dress, the cold could still reach my skin! I was so new to that kind of cold that i actually felt i was going to be sick. Luckily, the mind over matter trick worked. And good thing, my boots came in handy. Sometimes fashion could be a savior. 🙂

This picture was taken in the streets of Kowloon (I’m the one with the pink scarf!). It was our first day out. Everyone was so excited but we needed MORE clothes first so we shopped. One really good thing in Hong Kong is that you can shop everywhere! You can find the most expensive to the cheapest just around the corner. The shopaholic  me was uber happy.

You might want to ask where our first destination is?

Obviously, where else? HAHA. But the kid in us enjoyed the place. It was magical. It made me remember my childhood days spent with Mickey Mouse and the fantasy of having a Prince Charming. Happily Every After will never leave my heart.

Now this ride you surely don’t wanna miss!

It’s the closest to a Roller Coaster. The warning said that people with heart problems can’t ride. And so we did 😀

Another must see place is the Avenue of Stars. Located at the Victoria Harbour, it’s a nice view of the Hong Kong Island. The breeze gives that feeling of nostalgia. And the lights, you definitely shouldn’t miss the Symphony of Lights…because i did. 😦 Well, there’s still next time.

There’s also a very good reason to visit the Avenue of Stars. The legendary BRUCE LEE is there! I mean his statue is there. Nevertheless, it is still him. HAHA. My father really enjoyed this place. He was all smiles. He said one of his reasons for visiting Hong Kong was to see this famous statue of The Bruce Lee.

You should definitely go and see for yourself. You’ll just find yourself missing his films and the type of Martial Arts he created. You can totally feel his soul, his memories. It’s like Hong Kong is Bruce Lee’s not the other way around.

Don’t forget America’s favorite, the very popular Jackie Chan.

There are so many places to see in Hong Kong. There’s the new Ocean Park where you can experience tons of really cool rides. There are also significant and historical landmarks that we didn’t visit such as the Lantau Island. We also missed the shopping bonanza at the Ladies’ Market. Oh well. Hong Kong is just 2 plane flights away from here. I can always visit (as long as i have the money).

Till next time, Hong Kong!

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